(It's 3 AM) Issues - EPEdit

(It's 3 AM) Issues is an EP released by Mindless Self Indulgence in Summer 2008. It includes the radio edit and five remixes of Issues, along with the original and previously unreleased demo of My World.


Track ListingEdit

1. It's Got Issues (Original Radio Mix) - 3:07

2. It's Got Issues (Dinesh Boaz of What What Where Remix) - 3:10

3. It's Got Issues (Million $ Mano Remix) - 3:19

4. It's Got Issues (Rhys Fulber Remix) - 3:32

5. It's Got Issues (Scandy Remix) - 4:30

6. It's Got Issues (Tub Ring's Disco Edison Remix By Rob Kleiner) - 3:27

7. My World (Original Unreleased Demo) - 2:49

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